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  • Proactive Maintenance for Extended Truck Scale Life - Planning and scheduling preventative maintenance will extend the scales life, prevent downtime and costly repairs. It pays to plan ahead!
  • Real Life-Cycle Testing for Truck Scales - METTLER TOLEDO performs life-cycle testing on new scale designs before they are sold. If you are using a truck scale from another company, you may be acting as their field test site without realizing it. TOLEDO CAROLINA has a a variety of durable and dependable METTLER TOLEDO truck scales to meet the specific needs of […]

Bench Scales

TOLEDO CAROLINA provides various METTLER TOLEDO bench scales and platform scales. Compact bench scales take up minimal space while providing maximum accuracy and durability in rugged industrial environments. They hold up to daily use in wet and dry areas and some models are approved for hazardous areas. Equipped with strain gauge technology or electromagnetic force compensation, these scales guarantee highly accurate weighing results up to 61000e. 


ICS429 Bench Scale

ICS429 Bench Scale

ICS 4 Series delivers reliable basic weighing in rugged industrial environments. Furthermore, it provides a LC display for error-free reading that speeds up your production, and the ICS terminal can be adjusted to meet your needs.


PBA226 Bench Scale Platform

bench scale platform

The PBA226 stainless steel platform series is a flexible, rugged and economical solution for a wide range of weighing tasks in any application where reliability and accuracy counts.


PBA429 Bench Scale Platform
PBA429 Bench Scale Platform

The PBA429(x) stainless-steel platform series is a robust, durable and economical solution for a wide range of weighing tasks with heavy washdown requirements. The platform features certifiable resolutions of 1x3000e OIML and 1x5000d. ATEX- and FM-approved models are available.


PBA655 Bench Platform

PBA655 Bench Scale PlatformThe PBA655/PBA655x extremely robust and rugged platform series is designed for durability and dependability. It is IP65 approved and the perfect choice for dry and dust-contaminated working environments such as receiving, inspection, manufacturing, warehousing, packaging and shipping.


Baseline HD Bench Scale

Baseline HD Bench ScaleIndustrial applications require scale platforms that can withstand heavy-duty weighing—and the shock and overload that can occur with it. METTLER TOLEDO’s Baseline HD Bench Scales handle overload up to 300% capacity, thanks to its durable tube-steel construction. An optional mounting plate makes it easy to adapt for system-integration applications.


PBK9 Bench Scale Series

PBK Industrial Bench Weighing Scale For bench scale applications that require reliability with the best accuracy available, the PBK9 Weighing Platforms provide an outstanding performance at resolutions of up to 750,000 divisions in non-approved mode.





Consultation for Bench Scales & Platform Weighing Scales


These are just a few of the more popular bench and platform weighing scales sold by our company. Industrial and manufacturing weighing can differ greatly by plant or industry application. With offices in Florence, SC, Lumberton, NC, and Wilmington, NC, TOLEDO CAROLINA can help find the right bench or platform weighing scale to meet the specific industrial weighing needs of your company.