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News & Info

  • Proactive Maintenance for Extended Truck Scale Life - Planning and scheduling preventative maintenance will extend the scales life, prevent downtime and costly repairs. It pays to plan ahead!
  • Real Life-Cycle Testing for Truck Scales - METTLER TOLEDO performs life-cycle testing on new scale designs before they are sold. If you are using a truck scale from another company, you may be acting as their field test site without realizing it. TOLEDO CAROLINA has a a variety of durable and dependable METTLER TOLEDO truck scales to meet the specific needs of […]

Counting Scales

TOLEDO CAROLINA is the only authorized dealer of METTLER TOLEDO counting scales in northeast South Carolina and southeast North Carolina. Our counting scales range from high-resolution analytical balances to rugged floor scales for the heaviest loads. With a small, high-resolution balance, you determine the reference weight with extremely high accuracy, while a large, high-capacity counting scale can accommodate numerous heavy parts. Various terminals and software offer individual solutions can be tailored to meet your exact requirements.

ICS445 Counting Scale

ICS465 Counting Scale

ICS445 Basic Counting Scales are easy to operate and offer very precise counting. It offers multiple interfaces that give you options such as a two-scale system, or connecting to a label printer.

ICS465 Counting Scale

ICS465 Counting Scale

ICS 465 Advanced Counting Scales are designed to give you fast operation with no errors. It gives you the versatility to connect to another weighing platform if needed.

ICS685 Counting Scale

ICS685 Counting Scale

ICS685 Multifunctional Counting Scales give you the flexibility of connecting up to four weighing platforms, as well as correct quantities and an interface that is easy to use.


Consultation for Counting Weighing Scales

These are just a few of the more popular counting weighing scales sold by our company. Industrial and manufacturing weighing can differ greatly by plant or industry application. With offices in Florence, SC, Lumberton, NC, and Wilmington, NC, TOLEDO CAROLINA can help find the right counting weighing scales to meet the specific industrial weighing needs of your company.